What is Business Growth Strategy?


Growth Strategy Defined

A business growth strategy is a routine and agenda you follow to increase your market dominance. When properly followed, a growth strategy helps increase market share, and eventually, you become a pioneer in your domain.

Devise a Business Growth Plan

Devising a plan is an essential step in every journey. Once you know what you are aiming for, you are subconsciously better oriented to reach that goal. 

A plan helps you make a timeline to ensure you stay on track. Start by writing down the goals you wish to achieve in the next five years. Some brainstorming sessions with your team will help you prioritize those goals. Looking into the devised goals’ feasibility is crucial since your goals will potentially influence your position after five years. 

How to initiate an effective business growth plan:

  • Devise goals with a timeline
    Arrange a meeting with your team to discuss your goals. Create a timeline and assign dates and measurements to your short and long-term goals. Share the goal timeline somewhere easily accessible to keep the team motivated and collectively aligned with the desired objectives. 
  • Define the goal hierarchy
    Analyze and categorize your set objectives based on priority level. Goals with the highest ROI, those achievable without investing too many resources, and those crucial for the business are high priority. This criterion filters down trivial or high-dependency goals. A hierarchy of goals will help you make decisions easily, as your priorities are clear.
  • Craft strategies for achieving goals
    Every business has unique challenges. Strategies for achieving goals may involve the acquisition of a workforce or buying a new service/tool. Use your priority list to justify each decision and stick to your strategic plan.
  • Market demand evaluation
    Growing your business is a brave step as it comes with a plethora of risks. Expanding into a domain that does not have market demand can fail. However, even a saturated market provides opportunity. Promotions, discounts, and giveaways can be used to boost a product. An extensive analysis reveals areas of improvement to increase your market penetration.
  • Implementation
    Fostering dynamic growth in your employees is an important part of implementing any strategy. Educate them and assign individual goals that are aligned to your goal of growing. Implement the strategy and be vigilant about the timelines that you devised. Keeping the team motivated on long term goals might be tricky and maintaining good company culture is what deals with problems of this nature very efficiently

The Bottom Line

Your business growth is contingent on your mindset. Every successful growth strategy starts with a clear, measurable plan. An average of 543,000 businesses open every month worldwide, and 50% of those only survive for around five years. Lacking a business growth plan is a sure way to become a statistic.

For guidance on starting your business growth plan, reach out to one of our experts at DreamSite Gurus. Our trusted team has experience helping businesses grow since 2013.

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