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DSG is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist in Denver, CO, providing on-page and off-page SEO services, including:
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Meta Description
  • Internal Linking
  • Title Tags
  • Quality Content (Copywriting)
  • Alt Text
  • URL Structure
Your website is a viewer’s first impression of your business. A well-designed, user-friendly site packed with relevant content draws in traffic and turns page visitors into advocates for your business. In order to find and retain these champion customers, your website must be visible.
If a potential customer can’t find your website within the first page of the search results in this fast-paced digital world, you risk losing them to a competitor. Search engines like Google prioritize websites and rank them accordingly. If your website is not consistently optimized, your website’s ranking will decline.
Unlike traditional paid advertising, you won’t need an endless marketing budget to improve your online visibility through organic search. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures potential customers can organically discover your website and find your business on the first page of results. The key to SEO is understanding your audience and adjusting your content regularly.
Whether you own an auto repair shop, real estate agency, roofing company, or you’re a contractor, working with a local Denver-based search engine optimization agency and a trusted SEO company in Denver, Colorado, will give your business the boost it needs. DreamSite Gurus has years of experience helping companies stay on top of trends and analyze competitor sites to optimize organic search.
We work closely with you and your team to understand your company’s goals and vision and translate that into a workable plan to move you closer to the high ranking, well-designed website needed to succeed.

How Does SEO Affect Web Design?

Great design and SEO are intrinsically linked.
Search engines are looking to serve people with the most relevant, user-friendly content available, and great design with clear information supports this.
Simple adjustments like using subheadings effectively, and providing clear alt-text on every image, can go a long way towards improving your ranking and making your website easier to navigate.
With the support of an experienced SEO agency, you can expect to improve the flow of relevant information to potential customers, upgrade user experience, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, and ensure that your website adheres to the latest web accessibility standards. Each of these elements plays a vital role in your website’s design.
Prioritizing user experience when it comes to your page design and function makes for an optimal user journey. Decreasing friction for the user not only leads to great rankings, but it also helps move visitors towards a conversion goal when they’re on the site – such as submitting an inquiry form, downloading a brochure, or requesting a call from you.
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How SEO Agencies Generate Leads for Your Company?

Elevating your website’s SEO is also an excellent strategy for generating sales and new leads.
Partnering with a web optimization expert to craft a list of targeted, industry-specific keywords is one method to increase organic traffic. As the rankings improve over time, your website will appear on the first page of search results and move closer to the top of the page, making your business more visible to potential buyers.
Once you’ve captured the viewer’s attention and they land on your site, you can utilize robust conversion tools to convert visitors into leads. Useful tactics include offering high-value gated content (content that requires a form submission to access), free initial appointments or discovery calls, and convincing calls-to-action (CTAs) that turn organic traffic into qualified leads that you can nurture through the sales funnel. With a little help from the experts, you can make your website work much harder for you, rather than the other way around.
DreamSite Gurus is a Denver-based search engine optimization company specialized in finding a process that works for your unique business needs through tailor-made content. Whether you’re starting from scratch or starting over, implementing successful SEO can be intimidating. DSG has years of experience in developing effective search engine optimization strategies to increase organic traffic and convert visitors into leads. Let go of the stress and intimidation that comes with maintaining SEO and let DreamSite Gurus transform your digital footprint.
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