Website Management

website management
A DreamSite Gurus Care Plan offers professional website management services including:

  1. Hosting:
    1. Blazing Fast hosting on VPS servers that are used only by DSG customers
  2. Back-ups:
    1. Daily, weekly, and monthly off-site back-ups of your site by one of the most reliable storage providers on the web. We can backup as often as 30-minutes as some websites may require backups more frequently. 
  3. Site Monitoring / Security:
    1. Enabling security subscriptions
    2. Monitoring suspicious activity and locking out potential hackers
    3. Monitoring for uptime
    4. Monitoring File Change Detection with online file comparisons
  4. Site Maintenance:
    1. Theme / CMS Updates
    2. Functionality / Feature Updates
    3. Browser and Device Compatibility
  5. Tracking and Reporting:
    1. We will provide you with a report of how your WordPress site is performing
    2. We will confirm all actions we take every month and send you a necessary report of your site’s performance and status
    3. Website page and traffic analytics are also in the monthly report
    4. Monthly site security audits
  6. Monthly Website Optimization:
    1. Maintain your database tables
    2. Optimize your image files
    3. Disable and delete unnecessary functionality
    4. Code optimization
    5. Page load speed optimization
  7. WordPress Plugin licenses

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DSG Care Plan Pricing

Standard Website Management Rate: $199/month*

If you have your own hosting service (self-hosted), the management fee starts at $159/month*

*Standard rates apply for services noted above. Additional custom services will impact final pricing.

In addition to these great benefits, we also provide Free WordPress software licenses for some of the most popular and useful paid plugins that help keep your website running fast, secure and optimized.

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