Is your WordPress website slow or out-of-date?

Let the professionals at DreamSite Gurus handle your WordPress maintenance! We will speed up your website today and update the software weekly.

With decades worth of experience, we are experts in WordPress website management. 
The DSG Care Plan includes website hosting, weekly software updates, malware clean-up, and more than $1,800 worth of popular plugin licenses. PLUS, you get access to our expert team of web developers and marketing strategists.
Get your first month for free!
No setup fees ($700 value) or tax! Renews at $75/month.
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Rated one of the best SEO Agencies in Arvada! 

What our clients say about us

We are dedicated to our customer’s business needs, going the extra mile is in our DNA.
What you get:

Our WordPress Management and Maintenance plan includes hosting, daily backups, updates, security scans, uptime monitoring, and monthly reports. With the right web management care plan, your website will be optimized for search engine rankings, mobile-friendliness, high uptime percentages, and stability to build a positive online reputation. With the DSG Care plan, you will get that and more!

  • No Contract WordPress hosting and management
  • FREE Migration and setup ($700 value)
  • FREE SEO and Page Speed Audit with Report ($400 value)
  • Weekly WordPress Core and plugin updates ($1,200/yr)
  • Secure WordPress hosting ($312/yr)
  • Website monitoring 24/7/365
  • Team of US-based expert WordPress developers
  • Access to our DSG Help Desk (Fast Support)
  • Premium Plugin Licenses ($1,800/yr)
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Helping our valued customers since 2014

wordpress website management

DSG Care Plan


60% off


No long-term contract. 45-day cancelation notice.
Renews at $75/month
Website hosting (We only use premium VPS servers)
Daily backups (can be more frequent)
Uptime monitoring ( 24/7)
Daily malware scans and free cleanup
Weekly WordPress, theme, and plugin updates
Monthly reporting
Image optimization
WordPress premium plugin licenses (see below)
Account set up and migration ($700 value)
Pro SEO & Page Speed Audit with Report ($400 value)
Access to our DSG Help Desk (Fast Support)
sign-up now and Pay $0 today
No setup fees ($700 value) or tax! Renews at $75/month.
Stripe Payment

Next Steps:

  1. Sign-up and pay for the first month of your DSG Care Plan.
  2. A DSG Representative will contact you within 24 hours (usually the same day).
  3. Have the following information ready so that we can begin the migration: 
    • Domain Name System (DNS) access. Not sure what that is? Find who the registrar is here: 
    • WordPress Admin dashboard access
    • FTP access to your current hosting provider (this usually is not needed, but it helps).
  4. We will schedule your migration promptly (typically within 24-48 hours of purchase). We will move your website to our private servers during the migration, install our premium plugins that your site can utilize, optimize images, and improve page speed scores.
  5. Contact us via email [email protected] at any time for work requests or any questions! 

Some of our premium plugin licenses available for WordPress Hosting and Management:


w/ DSG Plan


DSG Labor



Weekly software updates
Every week, we update all of your website's software including Wordpress Core and plugin. Then we make sure nothing broke from the update. This keeps your website running smoothly and as secure as possible.




Email Hosting
Our email hosting offers unlimited email storage and reliable email servers that are separate from your hosting account. (compare to GoDaddy 50GB email storage, per-user pricing)
SSL Certificate
DSG includes FREE SSL certificates via Let's Encrypt as an option for all of its customers.
Wordpress Hosting
DSG employs the best high compute instance servers and Cloudflare CDN to deliver international visitors the fastest web experience possible ( standard Care Plan includes up to 25,000 monthly visits)




MalCare Plus
Firewall, daily malware scans, includes free Malware clean-up & visual regression testing.

WP Page BUilders



Bricks Builder
A Faster, More Customizable & Performant Tool To Visually Design Your Entire Site.
Oxygen Builder
The fastest, most flexible and powerful Visual Builder for WordPress
Divi Theme
A state-of-the-art WordPress Visual Builder.

WP Form BuilderS



Kali Forms
WordPress Form Builder with essential integrations for any business.
Fluent Forms
The Fastest WordPress Form Builder

WP Plugins



Piotnet Grid
Easily grid, filter your posts, terms and everything in intuitive ways.
WP ALL Import
Keep your data safe with the best import export plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
Rank Math is the most powerful way to get BEST WordPress SEO tools added to your website.
Meta Box
Everything you need for custom fields and custom data for your WP Website.
Website Search Engine Optimization tool.
Website image optimization tool
Lightweight WordPress performance plugin. (Our Recommendation over WP rocket)
WP Rocket
WP Rocket is much more than just a WordPress caching plugin. It’s the most powerful solution to boost your loading time, improve your PageSpeed score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals.
iThemes Plugin Suite
Off-site website backups, uptime monitoring, software update manager, security protection, + more premium plugins

Total Cost



I want my first 30-days Free
No setup fees ($700 value) or tax! Renews at $75/month.

Wondering what some of this stuff actually means?

We understand that some of what we talk about can be highly technical. Here is a breakdown of what each service is.

Our Promise

We guarantee you will love our services and our team of experts. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can cancel within the first 14-days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund. After the 14-day refund window, we require a 45-day cancellation notice.
Backups (Daily)
We copy all of your files and databases onto a secure server, just to be sure we are prepared to for the worst. We do this at least once everyday, however for mission-critical websites we will increase the frequency.
Hosting (24/7/365)
Hosting is a fancy term for the computer that keeps your website accessible on the internet. We only use premium VPS (Virtual Private Servers) for our hosted websites. This keeps the noisy neighbor out and your website safe. Popular companies such as GoDaddy, Siteground, or Bluehost will load thousands of customers onto a single hosting account and, in return, that makes your site more vulnerable to attacks. 
Image Optimization
Your phone can take great pictures, but those amazing photos are really large in file size. Our system automatically reduces the file size and converts them to a more web-friendly version. This enhances your page speed and SEO.
Malware Scans and Clean-Up (Daily)
Every day, we scan for viruses, hacks and security flaws. If anything is found, we immediately attempt to clean up the mess in order to prevent downtime.
Monthly Reporting
Our monthly reports include a run-down of what tasks we performed in the last 30 days. We also include your website analytics, page speed, downtime, and more.
Updates for WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins
Every week, we update all of your website's software. Then we make sure nothing broke from the update. This keeps your website running smoothly and as secure as possible.
Uptime Monitoring
A website is only valuable when it is accessible to the internet. Our platform pings your website every 60 seconds to make sure it is online. If anything is wrong, we are notified immediately. Rest assured we have you covered and will get you back up and running ASAP.
WordPress Plugin Licenses
If you have a WordPress website, then odds are you also have WordPress plugins. We provide licenses for some of the most popular and most useful WordPress software. Using paid plugins adds reliability, security, and features. Some of the benefits include: SEO, speed optimization, file optimization, page builders, custom data management, security hardening, forms, and much more!

What our clients say about us

We are dedicated to our customer’s business needs, going the extra mile is in our DNA.

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